Any JCPS employee that lists their home with Maura will receive a discounted commission percentage. Pay only a 2% listing fee (5% total). After closing, Maura will donate $500 to the school the employee works at. 


Any JCPS employee that buys a home with Maura will receive a $500 donation to the school the employee works at from Maura Allain. If the buyer chooses to use the title company in the program, Horne Title, they will receive $100 off closing fees. If the buyer chooses to use one of the lenders in the program, they will receive $500 off closing costs.


Earn up to $1000 to your school, by having Maura handle both the selling of your current home and the purchase of your new home.

About the Program

Maura is starting a program to help JCPS employees with their real estate needs. She is a former JCPS teacher, her husband is a JCPS elementary school administrator, and her children attend/will attend JCPS schools. JCPS is a large school district that invests in the future of our children. Teaching is a challenging profession, and it is for special individuals with the gift to help our children learn. Maura wants to team up with JCPS employees and give them support when buying or selling their home. She would also like to give a charitable donation to the school where they work.

Maura has a full support team of lenders and title company that also believes in and supports JCPS.


Todd Head is a lender with Century Mortgage. He has four children in JCPS and an active volunteer.

Sherri Sampson is a lender with Stockton Mortgage Company and a proud support of JCPS.



Maura Allain
+1 (502) 216 0152